About Erik 

Erik helps ambitious business owners grow their business to the next level so they can have more impact while enjoying more freedom and harmony in their life.

When he was working as a consultant, coaching leaders in big corporations to successfully lead their organization through a transformation, Erik was approached by small business owners for help. He soon realized that small business owners struggle with the same problems as the leaders in the corporations. So he helped them out by sharing the same mindsets, strategies, tools and techniques – adopted to the business owners’ unique situation. This worked for them.

And for Erik: when he started his own business after a sabbatical year in 2008, he managed to grow his high initial revenue with 30% in 14 months by applying what he had learned in his career. This sparked him to help small and medium sized businesses.

Erik's philosophy is that growth is ongoing transformation instead of more-of-the-same and that successful growth is possible for everyone who understands and applies the principles of transformation the right way.

That’s why Erik shares the proven principles of successful transformation of both business and the people in the business.


Erik is a sought for corporate consultant, a Certified High Performance Coach™, a public speaker in 4 continents and a and coffee lover. He has a Master of Science degree and over 25 years of experience in a wide range of industries across Europe and America.

Erik’s personal development journey started in the previous century. Currently, he learns from world top coaches and marketeers, from his awesome clients and from life.